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Hi sorry for delay

I’ve been working on the bike all Sunday testing things like  stator/ Power regulator/ cdi/coil packs  and the loom all seem to be working ok but the loom has had some work done to  it, some wires have been cut and re connected ??? So this weekend I’m taking the loom out and rewiring anything that look bad ,

The ohms reading on the 2 wires     ( green and blue )  come from the stator is 00.1 . I have also noticed that tachometer Doesn’t work Properly it will jump up 1 or 2  on the clock when i turn the key ,

I’ve been reading that the tachometer are wired up to cylinder 1 on most bike and if they is  a fault with the tachometer  cylinder 1 can stop firing , I’ve also tried a good car battery With the same results no spark on cylinder one.