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Let’s get to it…

  • Which part of the harness is not sparking ?  = Front or Rear ?   (in otherwords , which engine is not waking up?
  • Has the harness shown any signs of rust?  => Try contact cleaner ?

Got a meter? =  See it stays on 0 ohms (dead wire or a break somewhere)  or the numbers go to infinity when on 10000 ohms (mark on meter)

See the rear coil ?  = if it has a blue/white strip wire colour ===> Probe there.  and go to the cdi plugs => find the same colour to see if the circuit is complete.

Also,  go to the stator unit ==>  See the “2Pin plug” coming from the stator => Put your meter to 200 ohms and tell us the ohms it says on it.


I feel like we want to be sure the “harness” is actually not broken in some hidden places resulting in loss of spark signals going to the coils to fire them up.

The CDI rarely fails but if it did , then it was likely a chinese clone or the stator & regulator (married together sadly) toasted it  up. = followed by a bad battery cells that was annoying the overal electric system that made it go haywire.

I hope you get somewhere , keep us posted.

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