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North UK

Could be these in order….

  1. Solenoid Relay (common)
  2. Battery too old (Cells have aged , so won’t hold juice , hence the rapid drop from 12v to 9v when pressing start) = The dash almost dims out completely too.
  3. Battery may be new (if bought in 2024) but charging system is wanning , so next morning battery is not fully charged up to crank faster – 14v idling and 14v @5k revs ===> If less , replace regulator. Don’t buy china ones , they always (yes, always) burn the terminals or go on fire. Stator = Should be 80v @5k revs at every 3 yellow wire (eg. 70v, 70v, 70v) => Service manuals in this forum show how to test it.
  4. Starter Motor unit.
  5. ==> Hope not => Open your stator cover after you drain oil first = Look behind to see if your Flywheel Sprocket is missing any teeth. – or – starter “clutch bearing” is phasing out. => could be time for a new one.

cheers for that , had a good blast yesterday but this morning it would barely crank , mot thursday , not looking forward to that

Fingers crossed it could just be #1

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