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Hi Marcel


To be honest the threads on the plug being wet may be due to the fact the sparkplug wasn’t tight when I swapped them out earlier today. I’ll post pics.of the new plugs once my clamps and carb screws arrive as I’ll have to strip her back down then anyway. I’ve put 30 miles in the new plugs and caps today and the bike already feels better. Only bogginess is around 3k rpm to 4k but I’ll be deep cleaning the carbs soon so hopefully that will help.

No pooping in the airbox while revving

And if I gun i have a nice pull throughout the rev range with a slight surge of power just over 9k to 10.5k. I don’t go over that limit but it pulls strongest in that narrow rev range.


I’m using motul 7100 oil. It’s due a change soon so I’ll do that with the carb clean/clamp replacement next week. Oil filter was brand new last oil change, about 1000 miles ago. Good to reuse or would you change it?