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North UK

What battery do you have ?

Commonly it’s the regulator that fails and is the mother of the bike’s electrical system.

Switch on the bike.  Switch your meter to DC Volts.  Rev up to 2000 – 3500 rpm

You should see 14.6v at least.  The books for the GV engine state norminal running rate is 14 – 16v max.

Any 13v readings? The regulator is probably gone.

HT leads normally are ok & it’s insulator – Usually it’s the black coil itself, that goes out too.   If you ask me,  Coils & regulators are usually the biggest let downs on electrical side.

As for your fueling side. A good carb clean is handy always.    I am going to publish an article that shows step-by-step  Jet Swapping & some extra info for owners looking to self-maintain their carbs.

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