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You could snatch this up as a backup!

Send me a PM to access the seat another as we talking security matters – Make the subject “Key Access” , i will respond , once the seat situation is resolved , i will close the PM chat and come back here.

Otherwise , try these:
– Spray WD40 with a straw inside the key hole – It is flameable , so please be wise not to let it spray to the engine or electronics. Definitely do not spray the “Ignition Key”

– To keep the “Ignition Key” and “Fuel Cap” lubed , spray a little aerosol can with a straw of this product called “ACF50”  , this only – Ignore everything else on the market.

– After the WD40 is inside the keylock for the seat for maybe 1 day , then use a “leaf blower” or “hair drier ON COLD setting” to blow off any debris inside the hole

  • Then try the key ?  – Don’t twist to hard, as the key can snap away & rest will be swallowed inside  (if it is your only key)
  • You might want to go to a local smith and get it duplicated  (I will tell you what key it is based on what we discusss in private) incase you want to access the seat another way in private ofcourse. I wouldn’t want to expose you or anything on security matters.

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