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Hyosung GTR

Does the Hyosung GT125R ’10 have a rev limiter? I’ve revved it to 13k and got scared. 😐

10,000 rpm is more than enough as there is no power after 11k rpm. Valves Start floating & crank gets more rapid wear if bike is always at 11k + rpm , so to keep her healthy 10k max is good. We rarely need to go beyond 10k , even people on 650s here in UK. A vtwin makes peak power lower revs but Gt125 will peak at 10k. but yes there No rev limiter.

I usually do not exceed 10,500 rpm. I find it strange that Hyosung decided not to include a rev limiter, as the CDI changes the pre-ignition depending on the RPM range, correct? Is this common in motorcycles?