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North UK

If you you want , send us an email if you have any sales questions regarding the store , using the “Contact us” link at the bottom of this site.

In regards to technical help, you landed on the right forum.

If the bike has been sitting since your last attempts to start it, i would get a siphon and drain the fuel tank  (trust me on that)
Drain the carbs too
Also , the Hyosung carbies want E5 fuel only

If it is alien to you to work on the carbs, you can always send it to us and we will clean it & sort it out properly , mixtures etc  –  but again email us in any regards to sales enquiries if you want my services

If you hire a local mechanic , make sure he knows how to work on mikuni carbs on big cc bikes first as these jap carbs don’t play ball if we cut any corners. 😬

While you are here , i hope you have lurked around enough of this forum to see old topics with answers to common questions asked by other members before you

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