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Thanks for the replies everyone. I can confirm the needle slides are on the “rich” setting. Before I did this the bike was pretty much unrideable in the mid range.

Only mods are the ones listed above and a bolt on exhaust can. (Bike had this when I purchased it)

I’ve also deleted the AIS. I have made sure that the pipe that used to go to the AIS from the airbox is plugged correctly to avoid any air leaks too.


Bike worked really really well for 3 months then just seemed to start struggling in the midrange and upper midrange. I have never adjusted the floats as I know they need to stay at 7mm with the carb upside down.


I’ll get a picture of my plugs over the weekend. I’m a little busy over the next couple of days but will do it asap. Mixtures haven’t been touched as again I know these are not recommended to be touched by housing themselves.


The reason I mentioned the HT Caps is that I’m sure they are supposed to be under 10k resistance so wondered if this could attribute to it as nothing has changed since the bike was running well. I tested the Caps with them not attached to the HT Lead