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Was the carb needle on the 1st notch  (towards the blunt end?)

Simon is correct , if it goes on the middle slot – can it help ? as that’s OEM.  Hence its towards the 3rd tip towards pointy tip, it means you get to “mains” a bit sooner,from stoodstill  “pilot” idling.

The reason for the 3rd groove towards the tip is when the slides lift , you get a bit of enrichment since the needle is up 2mm ish out of the carb, so that tends to affect the 4-7k rpm flatness (mid-range) but the 125cc usually revs past 7k pretty quickly on hard throttle when the bike is okay  & the main jets simply just take over at this rate.

If the mixtures have been messed with , floats messed with  (like Cobra2 says on wrong float heights) = it can throw things off a little bit.

Also when you change gears , do you get any jerk-jerk-jerk behavior then it revs up / rides normally ?

Also can you supply pictures of your plugs so we see what’s happening with the mixture ?

Any intake mods ?  any exhaust mods ?

Lots of questions i know but take ya time,  more info is good for our heads

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