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”  I found where those wires go but they broke right at the base where they go into the housing so I’m going to have to replace it, but would that prevent the bike from starting?  ”
Not sure which wires you were referring to ?

Check the dash say F1 or Fi  ?  And while you were at it , since it started for a split second.

Try this:

  • Compression Test on full throttle , then we see how much psi each engine head has on cold.
    (Though readings a better when its warmed as per service manual)
  • Speaking of service manual, head to the manuals section of this forum and get the 250cc EFi manual ,  trick your ECU to give up any error codes.
    Turn it off , disconnect battery for 12-24hrs  , then follow the instructions on the manual to see if you get an error code which tells you what sensor or part on the bike is preventing it from starting

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