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North UK

Hmmm, give me till next week to find these 2 pieces for you and advise properly:

  • Headlight “mini bridge” harness , as yours has been clipped all over.   (You might need to buy connectors from us or the actual bridge but i will see what i dig up)
  • “Dashboard Mini” bridge harness , as i will take a picture myself to show our “blue” plug so you can compare.

I think at this rate you might have to consider keeping the bike electric wiring as “standard” as possible to get it running and the extra gadgets like lights may fry it  (extra WATTS the stator  & bike harness can’t cope with just yet) as the main headlight box on the bike actually takes 55 watts on its own.


Is the bike full fairing or has it turned to a streetfighter as i can see an aftermarket headlight meant for naked bikes too , besides the spot lights hanging on the cage

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