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Hyosung GV125 C

Based on your reply

  • Both coils are GOOD, but almost at service limit. Keep them. Saved a bit of money for now thereโ€ฆ. Upgrade whenever you feel like it it or if it goes beyond 16.1K with its OEM cap attached.
  • Upgrade to NGK caps at your own leisure, that should help even more and your resistance goes down a lot (easier to light up them plugs)

I hope you learned something, you will be your own wizard soon!

Thank you Marcel , definitely great lesson,

So what are next suggestions? I have fitted new plugs , coils are good , caps as well , but still cold start issues, and stalling when hot ๐Ÿ˜ฃ, Iโ€™m kind of hoping you are not going to say carby removal and clean up but something is telling me we are going that way.

thanks again

best regards