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North UK

Have you looked under the bike to see if the weather has possibly gone inside the cylinder (bad location but i digress, they were trying to make the bike pretty, i hope i am wrong and the designers knew what they were doing)

You can see if the cylinder is moving properly with brake pedal press

Next step, if you have your calipers out  (both front and rear) , clean them out with brake cleaner hard

Then press down each piston gently until you hear some kind of “woooossshh” sound at the rear cylinder pot (with the lid open) , and if you see bubbles, it means air was in the system

Then do the same with rear caliper, clean it and press down the piston until its flat inside the caliper , so you can hear any wooshing sounds and bubbles apearing at the top of the resevoir pot.

Call this “soft bleeding” , if you will but without taking the brake assemblies off etc, it is not fool proof though,  grease the moving parts of the brakes with PUTOLINE RACE GREASE
– Piston lips
– Back of pads
– Axle Bolts for pads to slide easier & less weather rot (temp fix) (Stainless bolts are better)
– Plunger & Lever  (Rear)
– Hand Lever  (Front)

Hope this helps ?

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