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Hyosung GV125 C

Hello ,

Thank you again for your great help ,

I have started today with 25miles ride and as much bike had easier start today but in exchange I had few times problem during red light stops where bike decided to stall after few seconds of idling😣

on return first I have checked voltage , idle it was showing 13,8 , 2000 rpm 14,2 , 5000rpm 14,7/14,8.  , after that I took the plugs out ( pictures attached) looks on lean side which potentially could explain why bike decided to stall on stops , I have took pictures for your inspection of current ignition coils , however I’ll do proper testings tomorrow as it has gone dark and I could not see a thing (baby steps) ,


front cylinder

rear cylinder I can not explain how grateful I’m with you sharing your knowledge and experience on these bikes.

much appreciated