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Hi everyone, I have just bought 2016 hyosung GV125 Classic 2016 , I have done full service, new oil , filters , plugs etc , and what issue I have is basically difficulty to start up when cold , it will take up to 30seconds before it will start , as soon bike is warm it starts straight away, have you got any suggestions what else I could check or adjust?

Welcome and to your friend on here too lol.

Okay, how about this?

  • When was the last time the carb even had an ultrasonic clean? (a very big deal)
  • Valve Clearances?   (Loose valves make it hard to start cold, heat tends to narrow gaps , hence easier starts, but power will be lacking in general , so either, get some proof the valves were done in the last 4,000 miles as per Korea’s rules, it is a lot of valves for a 125 after all 😬
  • What fuel do you use ? E10 , E5 Super ? which stations ?
  • Have you ever had the airbox off ? (We have 2x tutorials for that in the tutorial section)
    (Bad “o-rings” under the manifolds , make it quite annoying to start , however engine can reach 100c degrees, eventually the orings will cake and need replacing, since it will allow particles and dirt to mess up the air system and the carb since they are upside down sending air down the engine with atomized fuel for plugs to spark properly)
  • Owner messed with the jetting or carb mixtures?
  • Replaced the plugs ? – Be ready to replace them again with another set of normnal CR8E (only that size please) – If the air system or carb system ain’t right, the plugs foul easily
    (you’re welcome to post plug colours on here to see how well it is doing)

It’s a lot to ask I know, but don’t rush, i will have a proper answer based on data you gave us.  Assumptions could mean false diagnosis (i said this, when it was actually something else etc) , so I want to be as accurate as i can 😉 , considering i fix these bikes all the time.

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