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You will need to report back the voltages you get from the stator unit @5k revs in AC , all 3 wires must have identical readings  (hence it’s called a 3-Phase stator)

A stator that is about to give up the ghost tends to slowly fry electronics (anything that is attached to the harness, has an upper limit of how much “current” it can tolerate vs amps)

Regulator = Common, it if its Hyosung branded, don’t buy another one , they always fail since Hyosung doesn’t make them , it is an outsourced part , hence you probably won’t find OEM regs sold on this site.  ebay is fully of fakes , especially those made in China/Taiwan are no better.


Also , when the bike is running, or battery is connected

  • 3 Pin Plug for headlight must have 12v when you operate light controls
  • fuse box will say 12v (without a fuse)
  • Regulator connector will say 12v on the red & black wires (it is permanentely on , regardless if bike is OFF or ON)
    (If bike sounds better with regulator and 3-Pin stator plug disconnected, you will need to consider replacing those 2 things, however it can’t run on battery , since even the lights want 55 watts from the stator unit alone)
  • pressing the Horn should have 12v , (horn removed)

Hope these tid bits help, keep us posted

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