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Lights going dimm when pressing start usually means either of these:

  • Tank Tap has burst,causing fuel to keep flowing to the carb , causing cylinders to hydrolock (dangerous), remove “OIL FILLER” plug on your clutch cover and sniff hard. if you smell fuel, drain oil, replace oil filter, service the carb, replace intake orings , and definitely replace the tap


    Lift tank safely , and cover electronics (be wise!!) , disconnect fuel pipe from the tap and see if tap bursts fuel in to bucket while bike is totally off. I say use extreme caution as petrol fumes near battery can easily cause instant flames should spillages happen. You have been warned 😬

  • Relay is burst (common)
  • Battery too old or weak. Get it tested free at halfords or bike shop with their own “specialized bettery gauges”
  • Battery too small (too low CCA to crank 2 pistons)
  • Charging system wanning (causing battery to have low volts to start next time)  common culprit is a regulator (which can annoy the stator next and kill it)
  • Starter Motor too old  (last but not least, but it is not uncommon)

Good luck and see about doing what Simon said above ^

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