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ISCV on EFI? On the schematics i only found tps (throtle position sensor) and AIPS (air intake pressure sensor)

Yes every EFI Hyosung since 2008 has had an ISCV to control the idling speed, otherwise , you might have an early batch of the GV12-S that doesn’t have it ?  Sometimes it acts as a fast choke to warm up the bike in brutal winters

Also i know for a fact Hyosung used 2 variant’s of ECU’s  , early vs later model, the later models use a DELPHI ECU with twin plugs and a whole new harness (assume this means electronics also changed to delphi)

Ie.  2008 GV250 Had SENTEC ECU with sentec marked electronics  vs a 2016 that had DELPHI and everything else was delphi branded

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