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So, is this summary what you want, or would you like me to open a new thread and make a small tutorial when i do a service? … Kind regards, Koen.

I loved the summary  , i am sure certain lurkers will appreciate the new information to digest.  You never know, you might just save another rider from Belgium facing hell later.

If you did things like , servicing , you can always make “How To Guides”  , like this other  GV-S member did below

[Tutorial] Hyosung GV300 (Valve clearance check & correction Guide)

Big jobs or tiny jobs , it does not matter too much , as long you helped save someone from expensive garage costs.    I know one rider was charged £100 to change a front sprocket!   – It was a 14T to 15T  428  , and yet bike is slower because 15T on 428 was too big gears for bike to accelerate on hills.  I said  12T , 13T, or 14T on 520 is better.

I will get him to join forum soon so he shares his experiences with the GV-S models

Watch out, a new model of GV-125 is coming again to EU maybe  2024/2025 called GV-125 S “EVO”  ,    do not worry to much, it just a face lift , it will have same engine as 2018-2023 models.

But i hope they do not change swingarms or other parts of the frame like wheels lol , i would not be surprised, but we might see USD forks!

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