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ok understands everything. I have a few more questions. this is my first motorbike. I have a hard time getting into neutral. it very rarely happens Is it normal for the fuel cap to suck in? front valve cover . does it have a lot of pressure inside? when I unscrewed one screw. it took a long time for the air to come out . Is it normal ? The lid gasket was glued on with silicone. today I cleaned it and gave new gaskets and screws

  1. Use good quality oil like “Motul 7100” , it is very recommended. Change oil filter too.
  2. Check “foot rest” for wonky / loose linkages , as it makes it hard to shift
  3. This sounds crazy but check your rear wheel chain slack,  chain too loose or tight will make it hard to shift also.

Valve Cover is sealed to keep compression inside the engine , yes 🙂 but no air must leak.  Also check no oil is leaking.

Fuel Cap “hisses” sound like a snake because of pressure during heavy usage of bike or summer heat , it is the fuel cap that will make sure the bike doesn’t “lock up” fuel system or cause running problems. We call this  “Fuel Cap is venting to atmosphere”  , thats why sometimes a little smeal of fuel from the cap is normal , just make sure the cap looks okay and not damaged.

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