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Hyosung Aquila GV125 2023

Hello soz not for replying promptly but have been trying different things over the last few days.

When I stopped using the heated grips completely, the bike runs perfect! No issues at all on starting after left switched off. When I used the heated grips a couple of days ago left on, I noticed some issues with rough idle and some roughness/jerkiness accelerating which I suspect was due to electric supply to fuel delivery being strained. That too has completely gone away with disuse of the heated grips.

I noticed with the bad starts the display went slightly less bright, when it was not starting literally nothing no sound of starter motor not even the display on when it was bad.

I’m pretty certain the underlying issue is the heated grips taking up more energy than the bike can spare, which is unfortunate because I would have liked warm hands! Will have to opt for heated gloves instead 😂

I also learned the stator only charges when the wheel is turning, different to cars where the alternator runs off the crankshaft via pulley even at idle. No wonder even when idled for a while charge was an issue!

I’m glad to have figured out the issue and learned more about motorcycles in the process. Thanks Marcel for helping me with thinking out the issues, much appreciated!