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Hi again. As per your advice measured the compression it’s 12bar on each cilinder. Took of carburetor took it apart and cleaned everything. Put it back together now it starts but won’t rev up. Dies as soon as any throttle applied. Checked for vacuum leaks with brake cleaner all seems good. New spark plugs. Upgraded fuel filter from your site. Hoses not bent fuel coming through. Fuel pump has pressure when pipe removed shoot petrol out. Complete lost at this stage.

Applying revs and bike conks out and dies usually (always) means:

  • Pilot Jets and Main Jets are clogged again  (the holes are almost microscopic)
  • See tutorial section of this site and follow every carb tuning guide to help the bike if you can.
  • Fuel has gone stale
  • E10 ?  (if yes, drain it all and put E5 back in)
  • Slides (diaphragms) for carb are jammed or sticky
  • Carb needs complete disassembly , and put in an ultrasonic bath  (it has many & many holes inside) it will love you for it. Trust me on that.
  • Carb Floats are bent => revs applied => pilots can’t reach to draw more fuel and bike conks out & dies

Put it this way,  as you allow more air in,  it should smoothly rev up  or we have fuel woes again and likely electric woes (entire sparking system including stator)

But electrics will be the last war

12bar ?  is that on hot and as per my instructions ? How sure was the mechanic or you watched him ?

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