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North UK

Due to the bike having a small stator unit,  have you considered the heated grips may draw more than the stator can cope and the regulator ?
The 25 / 650 bikes are OK to handle this,  but it’s something i’d mention since , being an EFi 125cc, it already is way more taxed in electric power than a carb 125 would be.    (EFi system mean’t for a 250cc , was shoved in to 125cc to please Euro 4-5 laws , crazy i know.

The battery won’t be too much of an issue once the bike runs as it will running off the stator for the most part.

Next up, it sounds long and silly, by any chance you taken the bike apart , get contact cleaner,  and clean every single plug you can find  (lest sometimes signals are just not strong enough for the whole electric system to feed off the harness before it cranks the bike.

Use acf50 inside every plug also, it really helps a million miles away.

Now if you also press start , do you even hear any “click” sounds coming from the solenoid ?

If the display doesn’t turn on ,  does the rest of the bike turn on ? like indicators , lights, horn etc.. ?

If the bike doesn’t eventually crank, does it crank fast or slow ?

It’s a lot i am asking but it does help my brain narrow things down the more you tell us 🙂


Also sounds silly, if it is 2023 model, it should be covered in warranty to replace anything it requires by the dealer you got it from as the electric issues may not be your fault  (but if they see grips , they may void it) ?

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