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North UK

I would take the plastics off.

Now do this carefully and follow me, trust me…

  • Peel the wire JACKET that hides the little pasta wires going to the dash,.
    (The dash has a “mini” harness) that joins  “DASH” —> mini harness —-> Main bike harness
  • Peel it,  you will find the issue is the “red wire” has broken somewhere.
  • If issue persists,  peel the “KOREA TAPE” that’s on the “MAIN FRAME HARNESS”  , and find the red wire or check the “blue plugs” do not have damaged or rusted pins.

Don’t forget to let us know if it was the case , i have a big suspicion it is.    And i know red powers the LCD glass.

Black/white stripe wire is usually ground.


Don’t forget to get something like “MANNOL HARNESS TAPE”  , and re-wrap the pasta strings back and waterproof it well 😉

If i did not make sense of anything, please ask me to repeat in a different way 🙂

Keep us posted!

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