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Hi Guys, well I am still waiting on the new rubbers to arrive from the US but it seems that I am not going to need them for now. 😀

Yes I have finally managed to sort out the problem. As I had mentioned in one of my first posts I had replaced the plugs, fuel filter and cleaned the air filter. Well the fact that the plugs were quite sooty kept echoing on the back of my mind because as Marcel had mentioned this is normally related to a dirty air filter. So I decided to carry out a small experiment. I cut out a small piece of towel the shape of the air filter and placed this instead of the filter. I went for a ride and was impressed at the improvement I felt. It was obvious that using compressed air to clean the filter wasn’t good enough. Kindly note that I would have also replaced this but the local dealer didn’t have any in stock. These people are more interested in selling new bikes then supporting the older models. 😡🤬

So now I needed to get hold of a replacement air filter, at least I managed to source this in Europe so it shouldn’t take that long to get here.

In the meantime I also tried to find some other information about the best way to clean a paper air filter and I came across an article saying that you could wash this with water and detergent so I decided to give this a shot and believe it or not it worked wonders.

At first I was thinking water and paper… But I was very surprised at how hard the paper in the filter was. I am not sure whether all paper filters can withstand this procedure, so if you do ever decide to give it a shot, this would be entirely at your own risk.

This is the way I went about it:

Find a container which can take the full length of the air filter an fill this with water and dish washing detergent

Let the filter soak  for about an hour and after this grab the filter and start to move it around it the water just as if you are forcing the water through the filter.

Then get hold of a very small paint brush (something that will fit in between the paper folds in the filter) and run this a number of times through the folds in the filter rinsing the filter every time. You have to be careful not to go too hard with the brush keeping in mind that this is only paper.

After having done this with the brush, 3 times, rinse the filter in clean water and leave it to dry in the sun. You have to be absolutely sure that it is completely dry before installing it back and running the bike.

As I said this procedure worked perfectly for me and I only tried this because I didn’t have a replacement air filter available. So this is just an interim solution. Installing a new air filter is always the recommended solution.

I am also curious to know whether anyone has tried to rip out the paper of an old air filter and replace this with proper foam. Is this a good idea?

Well looking on the positive side I managed to source the intake rubbers for my bike seeing that these are now becoming very hard to come across. While on the same subject are there any other parts that you would recommend I stock for the GV250 carb model.

Thanks again for your support and advice.