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Quirindi nsw

Thanks marcel I purchased another Maggie and pick up coil propped it all in …F1…C12…comes up again so I will take the tank of check out all my leads etc..I done a ohm test pick up coil 117ohms and so forth…

The bike was firing at one stage and backfiring here and there was going to calibrate the Carburetors but I had a good look at the bike and the person I purchased it of had things on the bike like handle bars with the top of the sticker hanging out which said not to be used on the road was a first for me..

So I changed the bars back to original…then the home model grips levers wouldn’t fit bought new ones new clutch lever with switch..

So this is where I am up to will send you some readings when I do the test but all seem to be up to spec so far…

Thank you for taking the time