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here is a fun fact.

In 1999 – 2002  Hyosung “did” actually use electric pumps on their GV250 Aquila Carb models , which looks 100% like this one and they use a “special 1999-2001” bike harness to include the pump and the CDI would know about it too.   Very very rare now,  why ? = They discovered, stators would last longer and owners would have less maintenance jobs on the bikes if they contract Mikuni Japan to make them a vacuum pump.

This is when they started making intake pipes updated with vacuum holes for pump.   Old rare models did not have vacuum holes to feed pipes to vacuum pump.

Nowadays, the Taiwanese seem to do these pumps for old scooters and their quality is not good.  So if you find a pump like this, or similar, it will be made in Taiwan or China ,  (big problems later)

You want a vacuum pump to guarantee that you will not be stranded many miles away from home.  In my years of riding Hyos , i’ve never had a rear pump fail on me.

Just the tank “TAP” is a common replacement item.  (for good reason, bad taps cause engine hydrolocking , jammed carbs ,  seized motors.) so always make sure one every 2-3 months , remove the tank tap pipe and confirm it is not dripping fuel when engine is OFF and tap is OFF setting.   Saves you in the long run!

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