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Such a young bike and new model from Hyosung it shouldn’t ever have this kind of problem but it’s a motorcycle like any other brand, strange things happen beyond human control much like cars

So i definitetly thing its the battery system.

If the regulator (very common Hyosung and Suzuki thing) has stopped charging the battery and the bike was basically dying down as the battery ran down, then it sounds like a regulator change is a very good idea.

As simon says the EFi system is more fragile in terms of electrical sensetivities , it doesn’t like flactuations, a steady 14v supply is a happy bike. I have been meaning to do upgraded regulators for these EFi bikes anyways   (9/10 of Hyosung riders on earth tend to change the regulators on their older models especially carbies)

Keeps the stator happy too! (A very costly item mind you) , so whatever we do , we make sure we don’t have to replace the stator unless last resort if bike isn’t charging.

if your meter is working = rev to 8k , rev to 3k , and 5k , tell us the voltages the bike is making.

Infact , while the battery is charged,  let it run on battery , unhook the stator plugs that have 3 yellow wires near battery , switch to AC , rev to 5K, and tell us AC volts each single yellow wire makes  (as it’s called 3 phase system)

ie. out of each 3 yellow wires at 5k revs
Pin 1 / Pin 2 = 80v
Pin 2 / Pin 3 =  80v
Pin 3 / Pin 1 = 20v

Then it means stator replacement time, if all 3 lines don’t match their AC volts. Thus in return, if its spiking, it will cook the reg, then the battery, then the electronics (which at that point they start spazzing out)

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