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GV125C 2012

Thanks everyone!
I set the float height today, it’s a good job I decided to bite the bullet and do it again, not only did I originally measure it wrong but I also discovered the seat needles in the rebuild kit are ever so slightly shorter with a bigger spring.
I actually found a tool that i already had that did the same thing, a tyre tread depth guage. that measured 4mm that i had it set at after my first rebuild. it’s now running more sensibly. the cold starts are a bit hit and miss still but I think that’s pilot circuit related, it still seems to run lean at idle (revs gradually climbing +150 rpm over a minute, then coming down after a blip of throttle).
Yes, I had a look at my 650 today, the set up between the carbs is quite a bit different, there’s quite a lean on the carbs (towards the front) for a hyosung, which i imagine can change how the floats operate a bit, i wouldn’t mix and match too much but useful to know there’s some knowledge that is transferable :).

To be honest, I’ve been eyeing up making up an electric pump conversion, i’m still having issues with the pump on mine and that’s after 3 cleans AND completely new vacumm lines. I’m thinking a 1psi electric fuel pump (looking at the setup my my xvs650, one of those pumps \could potentially\ work, the pressure switch for the pump is built into the pump itself), small relay, tilt switch, fuse and fuse holder and three wires. I’ll have to experiment, that vaccum pump is making me go mad :P.