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North UK

I only have about 1900 miles on it. I have been doing more forest roads with my other bike. I still have my valve shim kit sitting on the bench. As long as it starts well, I am putting off doing valves until (if)I take a real trip on it. Otherwise I’ll do that on a cold dreary day this autumn. I did adjust out a bunch of throttle cable slop this past week. Still on my first oil and filter change. It takes about 2 1/2 hours to do 85 miles in these parts. 🙂

That’s very small,  some of us in UK can easily do 1K in one month lol.     (Heavy use , so to say!)  –  It loves oil changes sooner than the manual states , it makes it known by how smooth everything feels from gearbox , to clutch bite etc…. Do keep an eye on the clutch plates,  its a torquey little twin 😉 , around 4K max is usually a good time to change the plates unless you have upgraded ones that may last a little bit longer.

Oh, it loves to eat brakes 😉 , so  carbon ceramic or sintered ebc hh is usually a good call since you drive distant places on some occassions  (if not all)

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