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North UK

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You ain’t kidding, the 650cc and 250cc bikes are much harder here in UK to acquire.   It is commonly the 125cc motorcycles we see in UK and EU that take most of the market share, so Korea keeps chunning them out lol.

However, we do have some news though that new models are headed to both US and UK in regards to the 650, they are doing GV’s first as that’s their flagship vtwins   (hence the GTs come years later , having used GV engines inside them!)

Surely there is a dealer near you that should be inporting the newer GV300S  to us , as it’s already out worldwide since 2021 ,  if that’s the kind of bike you like.

As for GT new models , no news yet  (and they know we expecting it lol)   – Expectations may be high!

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