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North UK

The kickstand should be bypassed by basically bridging the 2 wires that go to the harness from the switch itself.

No resistor required.

Cyl Drops can also be a signs of these (common)

  • Stator Unit Wanning  (rising heat has made its “pulse sensor” misbehave / ghosting)
  • TIP Over Sensor  (under / near the fuel tank yellow metal plate  (since yours is a 2011 EFi , it should be DAEWOO or MITSUBISHI  ECU (Korea is random like that))  , but any bike after 2012 is DELPHi system
    Not that it matters right now but i do know stators acting funny make the daewoo ecu’s really moody.
  • Coils  (on the frame)
  • HT Caps  (use NGK ones like we do, you never have to suspect caps ever again)


I hope it’s just the rear ignition coil system and clutch handle bar lever  (yes the handlebars have a clutch switch on the clutch lever side, if it acts funny, it cuts sparks off instantly even while riding, i’ve been through it lol)  – I would NOT bypass this switch.

Just my 2$

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