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North UK

Korea didn’t reveal the mixtures due to fact their GT bikes always leave their factories fine tune to suit the clearances they set their engines at aswell.

So a general rule of thumb is that lower than 2 = new piston rings   /  more than 4 = no effect , wastes fuel.     That is full turns from closed.

I’d try and get a compression test done 1st to see how heathy the engine is ,  it would defo help a ton.  Report back to us what each PSi the pistons are when the bike is warmed up for least 10mins from ice cold.

if we know how the engine is , then its easier to fix the rest.   You will find that half the “troubleshooting” pages Korea puts at service manual for carby bikes they always say “Valves too tight,  engine compression too low,  head gasket issues”   (these in effect also make the carb act poorly in return as it needs the engine to draw it)

Hint = A very happy hyosung idles 1,000 revs from ice cold , without any choke assistance   (that means electronics all good, fueling system everywhere from carb to tank is all good, and engine is in spec by measuring it)

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