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Sounds like ignition coils on their way out BUT!!! Sometimes the stator works and when the engine gets hot , the stator starts to wane , causing the pickup sensor to act haywire and as such if the ECU isn’t getting consistant signals from the pickup coil inside the stator, the ecu tells the bike to wind down or cut off. In somecase it is either the coil or stator that makes starting very difficult. If it is running, i would also caution to keep an eye on the ET sensor (Engine Temp Sensor) (Test temperature related sensors as with the rules from the service manual to see if they are in spec , both hot and cold) Strange that its not throwing error codes , try to unplug ecu for 24hrs , and take battery off. Then retry , if problems happen , the ecu should store an error inside until you trick it next time for it to show up again. Hope this helps but keep us updated!

Hi, Thanks for the information, much appreciated.

I will keep an eye on the ET sensor and test them tomorrow, also try the unplug ecu etc, see how that goes, i nipped into whom  i thought was a Hyosung dealer today on the off chance, bad news no longer dealer since last year, who knew. !!!  now my nearest dealer is Majorca. Anyway i explained the problem they suggested Oxygen sensors might be the cause, so got home had them out cleaned them up and still no joy. They did say that they could fit me in to put the bike into dealer mode and tell me the fault code or codes which hopefully will allow me half a chance to buy what is needed to cure the problem. fingers crossed.