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North UK

Get a GT650R front master cylinder  (not 250 , not 650 naked , not 250 naked) , it must be 650R — Then get XRT Levers  (Hyosung Approved)  from MotoGB UK (ring em) or Startrights Leeds.

125 master cylinders do not fit custom levers,  = why?  The master cylinder only wants skinny levers that are exactly as how Hyosung made them.  We all tried tbh, some people actually bought some and shaved / skimmed the lever to fit inside , what if he isn’t here ? &  died  as his lever finally warped.   Wouldn’t mess with brakes tbh .

I wouldn’t use universal cylinders = They are 99% rubbish and are not better than Korea’s TCTC brake systems  (hence older 650s use the same calipers but bigger master cylinders)

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