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North UK

i went on the bypass and got up to sixth gear and was sitting at around 10k rpm for about 3 minutes then i felt a loss of power then i couldn’t get the revs up and came to a complete stop

Thats the one!

Assuming you have upgraded all electrics (due to heat failure / common)  (coils, caps, laser plugs not IX junk ones, stator, reg rec)


Then your war is slow fuel delivery issues vs high speed runs.   In other words my previous comment says the bike is asking for fuel faster than the entire wanning fuel system can keep up.


As such.  You might want to look at ur plugs or show us.


Also take a look at the other thread on homepage that says *MOT & Running Issues* there is recent replies which could help you in regards to your thread also.


Let us know if in doubt or have questions on this topic.


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