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North UK

So my original comments still apply before.your video replies.


I will add a few notes though thanks to your Youtube Shorts & Plug pics.

  • Both Plugs = Slightly overheating… (((With oily deposits on threads????)))
  • Front = leaning out at high throttle
  • Rear = leaning out too but seems to do better than front.
  • Both Plugs = idling OK. (Assumes mixture is 2.5 front and 2.75 rear using size 15 Pilot Jets) but see next bullet point….
  • The carb needs to have its jet needle at a richer setting as the white cones need to be brown after full throttle runs.
  • Mixture screw will have less effect once the carb slides & main jets take over at past 4k revs. BUT it does have an effect during gear changes as bike momentarily lowers revs or coasting while rider carefully disengages/engages clutch to change gears. The carb slides then lift off again.

Fuel Pump = It looks young.  I think you could check your fuel tank.  Take care not to let fuel eat paint. And clean the tap of any debris as switching between ON/OFF/RES seems to have an effect now.

If a bike cuts out… Tap is usually the 1st thing i get rid off & replace.  Work my way to the pump & filter.  Then carb (dreaded airbox removal but needs must!)


Im sure you will follow my tutorial on airbox removal.  If you get pics and do better than me ; people will love you for it!


I do a lot but never seem to get round to taking pictures to make new tutorials.

I need a kick up the arse for it!  Ill get it done lol.


If the cam chain is making noise……does it go after its hot or get worse?

Does holding clutch reduce it?

Does high revs make it worse or quieter?


Same questions again for the Top Engine Heads (Valve Heads = valves chitty chatting)

You will want to find a way to have youe ear behind each engine cam tensioner behind their heads.

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