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We do not see a video link?

Mixture is 2.5 full turns from closed. Do not adjust this ever again because it is very difficult to optimize if bike has other issues.


So if bike has issues after 2.5 turns.   Dont turn it again.   Replace jets and have the carb ultrasonic cleaned. Then look for cracks in intake rubber manifolds.


  1. Sometimes it helps to replace intake manifold O-RINGS (like the ones you see at our shop)


Regarding airbox fitting….


1.  Attach carbs to airbox

2. Tighten clamps holding carb to airbox

3. Airbox & Carb together will slowly (slowly!) Go inside intake rubber manifolds

4. Make sure manifolds do not get stressed.  Be very gentle with that as they are very difficult rubber parts to buy.  Korea stopped making them.

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