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GV125C 2012

Thanks Marcel,
The MOT went sucessfully and she is now back on the road!
I have adjusted them to 2.25 front and 2.5 rear, I don’t know what jets it has at the minute, so i guessed it’s better to be somewhere between the two until i’m able to pull the carbs off.

In the last week i’ve done 180 miles just to see what she needs before I start making more repairs. firstly, that slow throttle response has cleared up nearly completely now. It revs like it should and the only issue is when it’s cold, it stumbles when it’s not quite up to temp.
at the moment there is a lack of top end power, past 9k RPM it seems to not want to rev much more. I have managed 70mph once but generally 60 is the max i can get and the other day i was struggling to get more than 50-55. I can only guess the main jet is ever so slightly blocked, so between 8-10k it’s running too lean. Round town, 30-40 or 3k to 7k though is ok.

When i get paid on the 21st i’ll be getting some 90 and 92.5 jets, I think that would probably help.
thanks everyone for the help in getting her back on the road.