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North UK

Do you have access to a local welder that can fabricate some steel tubes, as i’ve seen some nice custom work done years ago to a GV , but can’t remember the guys name.

I would caution to certain sites as they always hit & miss.

Europcustom seems OK , as i’ve got 2 guys who made orders for racks and crash guards for the newer slim GV125 bikes.  Took time but did okay and its in EU , so closer to UK anyways!

Sorry i did not list them for order on this site but i am glad you brought it up, i tend to priority the “every day must haves”  before listing special things that will take weeks   (ie. I would say if you ask me to order anything , i’ll likely get it via Kymco germany or  SIRI Bikes Suzuki  (hyo dealer too)  , they’ve never let down.

Only downside is if “Korea Hyosung” themselves still make the parts that I or they request to be shipped over 😉

“I may possibly” have a rear rack for sale and its top box , but just send me an email about it ,  it’s in another town, so just have to bare with me to fetch it and then take days shipping it  (big box, delicate parts, can’t rush it)

Engine bars 2nd hand got sold too quickly on ebay , ill try list what i can!

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